Thanks to the spread of the internet and the number of sites that offer discount coupons and codes, it is nowadays possible for you to get the best deals on all products, well, nearly all. Your first option is to visit several sites that sell the same product, of the same brand and see if one or more of those sites offer discounted prices, as it is the starting point for you to get great bargains. Make sure that you go through the terms and conditions of such sites before making your purchase. Some of them might offer bargain prices but might add extra charges for delivery, whereas others charge slightly more but include shipping costs. Here is a simple trick. When visiting a new site, remove the mouse pointer away from the website. With a bit of luck, you will observe a popup window offering a special discount for first-time purchasers.

Your next step is to search online for sites offering discount codes and coupons. In this case, too, you need to ensure that the site is genuine and that its owner updates the site regularly, meaning that you will always get the latest and updated deals from them. Some of them provide you with the option to sign up for their newsletter and even seek your permission to send push ads. Signing up for the newsletter means you get updated with the latest deals daily or weekly. Opting for push messages means that the site flashes announcements about the latest updates as soon as they are available.

How to verify the authenticity of coupon code sites?
Visit the site a couple of times per day and notice if they have new coupons on offer. If they do, it means that the sight might be genuine. Check if there is an option to mark the deal as good or bad by clicking on the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” icon. Also, check for a figure that shows the number of people who have found the deal lucrative and the time the offer was verified. Test a few of the coupons offered by typing the coupon code in the space provided on the checkout section of the online store and see if the site accepts it. Certain online stores offer deals on specific dates of the month or day of the week, as it is another option to grab some of the hottest deals available.