I hate online coupon code sites run by individuals who do not bother to update their website with new links as and when new deals appear on the market. I was pleasantly surprised when on visiting such a portal, I found the TV I had been searching for, available for a whopping discount. However, clicking on the link led me to a page promoting the TV at a much higher price. On inquiring with the support section of the store selling the TV, I was informed that that deal was good only for 2 hours since it was offered and was no longer valid. In the meantime I missed out on another big deal I saw on a recently received newsletter because that deal too was limited to the first 100 purchasers. Had I not wasted my time pursuing the TV, I might have been able to grab this deal. Why am I telling you all this? Always check the authenticity of online portals offering coupon codes and discount coupons, and bookmark those that are genuine and update their website with the latest offers a couple of times per day, ensuring that you will not have to face a predicament like me.

Most people are struggling to make their ends meet without any success. Their salaries are static while the prices of goods, including essential commodities, are shooting up through the roof. They are always on the lookout for online deals that help them purchase the goods they want at discounted prices. You should also keep your eyes peeled for offers like “buy 1 get 1 free.” However, you should tally the price of the product on several online stores before proceeding forward and purchasing the item. Chances are bright that you might get a discount of 55% on the same product on a different store or find a coupon that helps you get that product at even lower prices. The bottom line is that things are not as rosy concerning deals. You have to search and conduct research to find the best online portals that offer genuine deals and mark them as expired when they are no longer available. You can even seek information about those portals from your friends, relatives, and colleagues. Chances are bright that most of them already know about genuine sites that provide such offers. This brings us to the question why do online stores offer deals?

Increasing their mailing list
It is tough in this era to find genuine customers. Therefore, stores go out of their way to build up a list of genuine clients they can depend upon to purchase new goods. When you purchase a discounted good from any online store, you have to fill up their form with details such as your name, address, contact information, and email. Once you submit these details the data gets stored in their server, where a program tracks who is purchasing what and sends an email alert regarding specific products to the respective purchasers via email. Chances are bright that most of the individuals will grab that deal. To make the deal sweeter, the store offers a special discount for the first 100 purchasers. This method never fails, and the discounted lot is exhausted in a couple of minutes, if not seconds. Other stores prefer a small profit margin in lieu of massive sales, this allows them to exhaust their stock in record time and replenish their store with the latest products. This is advantageous both for the clients as well as the store owner.

Keep an eye on “As Seen on TV” and related sales channels as they help you grab outrageous deals, available for a limited period, which you will never find elsewhere. You need to be extra alert for such deals as they go away once they sell out the specified quantity. By the way, keep your eyes peeled for websites that offer genuine discount coupons. The good ones provide comprehensive details about the success rate of a coupon and when it was last used successfully. They also remove coupons that no longer work. Do not be surprised if clicking on any such coupon redirects your browser to another site, as such coupons redirect your browser to the discounts page, which is normally hidden. By the way, store owners offer money for each click on the discount coupon stores, which leads the customer to their store and also pay a percentage of the sale on completion of the sale.